KELOWNA, BC – May 29, 2018 – ProSmart Enterprises Inc. (TSXV:PROS) (“ProSmart” or the “Company“), a global online network, connecting sports fans, teams and brands, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive Community Growth Partnership Agreement (the “Partnership“) with Wick Hockey Ltd. (“Wick Hockey“). Wick Hockey is the internationally-recognized initiative of Hayley Wickenheiser, who is widely considered to be the best female hockey player in the world. As a decorated Olympian, Hayley has led her national team to four gold and one silver medal as well as being named the tournament’s most valuable player in both 2002 and 2006. She is also an elected member of the International Olympic Committee’s (“IOC“) Athletes Commission. Wick Hockey’s mandate is to develop the skills and growth of women’s hockey and sports globally, with a particular focus on countries such as India and China. The Partnership with ProSmart will enable Wick Hockey to rapidly increase its reach and capabilities across the World and will support ProSmart’s continued expansion and revenue growth plans.

Partnership Highlights

  • Wick Hockey and Hayley Wickenheiser to utilize the ProSmart online network as a platform to promote and grow women’s hockey globally through community and education.
  • The exclusive Partnership will include co-created content and revenue sharing and will enable ProSmart to reach greater numbers of women in sports.
  • As one of the most influential people in hockey, world-wide, Hayley will be able to scale her message and passion for the game across all hockey markets.
  • In China, Wick Hockey has established strong relationships and recognition at the highest levels of the game. This will support ProSmart’s ongoing development plans in China, which includes the acquisition of DL Hockey Consulting Ltd. (“DL Hockey”) and the partnership with DGA – one of China’s leading marketing companies.
  • ProSmart has previously run programs for Wick Hockey, including the ‘Take the Ice’ women’s hockey community promotion at the Canadian Tire Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival (“WickFest”). The promotion quickly grew a community of thousands of supporters and players.

Says Hayley, “We realized through WickFest we have the power to positively impact young women’s lives through their love of hockey and that we can link together an international community to grow the game, especially in women’s hockey. If you look at female hockey in the world, the places where female hockey is the most successful and the most developed also mirrors the countries in the world that treat women the best. I’ve seen a lot of hockey development platforms over the years and I’ve never come across anything as high quality, as comprehensive, and with as much potential as ProSmart. Using it regularly will undoubtedly give greater confidence to all coaches and players around the world, particularly in China.

ProSmart Co-Founder and CEO, Alan Schuler says “We are very excited to have Hayley increase her involvement with the Company through this Partnership with Wick Hockey. She and her team have an incredible amount of experience and industry relationships, as well as a fantastic brand. When combined with ProSmart’s global online network that connects fans, teams and brands, our joint opportunities are strengthened considerably.

Going forward, ProSmart and Wick Hockey will work together to create a player/game development and community platform for women’s hockey. The exclusive Partnership includes terms around co-created content and data ownership, revenue and promotional sharing.

Of significant value is Wick Hockey and Hayley’s network and influence in countries outside of North America, which include China, Mexico, India, and others. Wick Hockey has met directly with Chinese and Indian organizations to bring the game to the youth of both countries. This includes implementing a series of hockey camps for youth in Harbin and Shanghai with Olympian Danielle Goyette, as well as Hayley’s former teammates and coaches and working with hundreds of young girls on the ice in remote northern India.

This Partnership further enhances ProSmart’s plan to build a strong presence in China. Wick Hockey’s activities in China are a natural complement to ProSmart’s acquisition of DL Hockey (announced March 05, 2018) and its minor hockey club and skills camps. DL Hockey and the Wick Hockey Partnership will be able to provide hockey awareness, training, coaching and positive youth development support and content to this burgeoning hockey market.

ProSmart has already successfully worked with Hayley and Wick Hockey – delivering particularly strong participation and conversion rates for a recent, high-profile ice hockey event. ProSmart’s ‘Take the Ice’ contest at WickFest last November resulted in the creating of the world’s largest female hockey community. WickFest is a women’s hockey tournament that involves 2,500 female athletes over two weekends. More than 200 women’s teams from around the world applied to take part in WickFest in 2017 and 108 were accepted. ProSmart collaborated with WickFest and Gatorade to put together the ‘Take the Ice’ contest, which required each team to submit a post about what hockey means to girls across Canada. The winning teams were selected based upon the total number of votes they each collected. 27 of the 108 teams elected to participate in the ‘Take the Ice’ Program. Those 27 teams generated in excess of 107,000 votes from communities across Canada, supporting women’s hockey and attracting thousands to the ‘Take the Ice’ community.

About Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley is a former 23-year member of Canada’s national women’s ice hockey team, a 5-time Olympian (4 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 MVPs) and was also on the Canadian women’s Olympic softball team in 2000. In 2011 Hayley was named an officer of the Order of Canada. Her influence is wide, ranging from her 2014 election to the IOC Athletes’ Commission, to her charitable work, to her desire to grow the game, to her relationships with individuals and organizations including, Canadian Tire, Gatorade and professional clubs/leagues.

Through this agreement Hayley advances her position as an advisor and investor in the Company to a global shared execution of growing the women’s hockey globally.

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On behalf of ProSmart Enterprises Inc.

Alan Schuler
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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