A good team manager knows that their job is not to do it all and that many hands make light work. Here are some strategies to use to get your parents involved, which don’t include begging!

Take some time to understand what will be asked from your team. Here are a few typical jobs that parents are expected to help out with:

  • Time / Score Keeper. If you are the Home team, it is your team’s responsibility to keep time.
  • Music. Enlist a parent with a great playlist to add some excitement between plays.
  • Home Tournament. Besides having a team rep attend the planning meetings, each parent will normally be asked to volunteer in multiple shifts during the tournament.

Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Set expectations early. Let your parents know early that you will need their help throughout the season and what kind of help you will be asking for. If Parents know that their help is needed early, they can plan for it and more likely will put their hand up.
  • Be Specific. Try to avoid making general asks and outline exactly what you need, when and where.
  • Make A Volunteer Schedule. Depending on the volunteer ask, either create a pre-assigned volunteer list or use a online resource so people can select what shifts/items works best for them (Use Google Docs or check out Sign Up or Sign Up Genius).
    • Clock Duty: Once your regular season schedule is established, create a volunteer list by jersey number or alphabetically. Ask parents to make arrangements to trade with another family if they are unable to commit to their scheduled time.
    • Home Tournaments: Create an online sign-up sheet and indicate how many shifts each parent must volunteer for. Stress it is first come first serve by a certain date and then the open times will be assigned to the remaining families.
  • Support Them. Some people are hesitant to volunteer, as they are not sure what is expected of them. A great way to help them do their best is to partner them with someone that is familiar with the role.

– Marnie Sisson, Director of Operations